Gag-able Words

gaggingI love the English language but there are some words in it that I cant stand. The way the mouth moves to form such words annoys the hell outta me. Just to name a few – Prawns, Bulb, Flannel, shellfish and quiche….But the worst of them all, the two worst words that are as equally disgusting together as they are apart – Nibbles and Refreshments. Even typing those words makes my skin crawl. Like watching George Cloony’s little Dad mouth move or Nicholas Cage’s whole face in any movie he has ever been in, I cant even say those words let alone look at them or write them down. If you put ‘nibbles and refreshments’ on an invite to your event, I wont come. People say ‘Moist’ and ‘Discharge’ are disgusting words, but to me they pale in comparison, I would eat those words for breakfast!


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