Some homeless people baffle me…. Maybe their ways are obvious but I only take notice on occasion. Like this occasion in particular, the man sitting outside the supermarket who asked me for money. Now there were a few points to my confusion about the whole situation….

1. Said homeless man was extremely fat, he had a gut on him that could conceal a small vehicle. How you can be that fat and homeless confuses me. No money to pay for housing sort of goes along the lines of buying other life necessities right?
2. He was listening to an iPod. He must be bored sitting on his ass all day asking people for money, so music would certainly get him through until he can go home, charge it and update his playlists whilst eating 300 cheeseburgers, 180 boxes of fries and 28 thick shakes from McDonalds.
3. This man had a dog. Dogs eat a lot of food. The dog was skinny. The dog looked sick. This concerned me the most.
In the supermarket I purchased two great handfuls of roasted chicken breasts from the deli and a finger of bananas. I presented them to the man on my way out rather than money. He asked what I was giving him and after telling him, he turned his nose up at me and said “I don’t like that kind of chicken”
Well MATE, I will happily take your starving dog with me to live long and prosper right after I shove the bananas in your butthole and hide the chicken breasts under your revolting gut until they go off and flies and preying mantises eat you to death and lay eggs in your eye holes.
Yeah, I’m an asshole. Get a job.

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