Midnight marauder


I don’t know about you other sweet toothed people but sometimes I think I have a serious chocolate problem.
Boys are probably thinking “oh yeah, all girls say this coz they bleed like a freshly shot mule every month and need the sugar intake”
While that is indeed true, my sweet sugary needs are more daily rather than monthly. My body even takes over sometimes and does things to ingest chocolate without my knowledge. This is the most concerning part….
Several times now, I have got up in the middle of the night to “go wees” which actually ends up being an eat-anything-sweet-I-can-get-my-hands-on-in-the-dark kinda thing. Then get back into bed only to wake up in the morning with a mouth that tastes like I have been popping pills and eating car parts. Not to mention my brown stained face from where I have just jammed it in hoping for a hole in one.
This morning my surprise was a box of cookies in my bed, one thousand crumbs all up in my linen/stuck to my body, and the taste of midnight shame and regret in my mouth.
I now know that if I do not fill my chocolate hole during the day, a sleep walking sweet mission is on the menu that night. Sounds simple right?
Lets just hope the mini bar in my Bali hotel room is fully stocked otherwise I may get arrested for being naked in a foreign public place….



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