Just my Friday

Today I saw Jonah Lomu driving real super fast up a road and I was on the side walk going “what is this horrible sounds arrgg” He drove very quickly and looked at my body and gave me a double eye brow raise and smacked his lips together and then in the mall car park an old Nana was struggling to unlock her car with all her shopping bags and other shit Nana’s buy so I went up to her and offered to take her bags and said I will help you sweet Nana and then she yelled at me and said I was a thief and that she’s not old and can do it herself and people were looking at me funny then her walking stick fell over and I hesitated to pick it up for her because she was a nasty saggy bitch so she yelled at me some more that I was just standing there not helping and to pick it up for her so I did and walked away cursing her life and her whole family and humanity but then I walked past the hot nuts stand and it smelled so good I had to buy heaps of hot nuts to eat and be happy about.