I dont wana know about your diet mate

girl-eating-meat As part of the building process of anything, including my construction of 2014, there has to be complaints and annoyances along with the happy fuzzy good shit. So my first complaint has actually been simmering since the last year I built, but I need to vent now then continue on my current project.

Why do vegans need to shout their veganess to the world? In their Instagram blurbs, Facebook profiles and real life interactions and everyday conversations. Snarky comments to those who aren’t and high fives to the ones who are fellow. Don’t tell me I am disgusting when I tuck into a bloody steak and thoroughly enjoy it, coz I am not going to ask how your bag of Kale chips is going sweetheart.

I, along with others, respect your decision to be on such a boring diet eating air and birdseed, but why make it a shade of your personality? I don’t shout from the rooftops and tell the world that I am a meat eater. A proud meat, egg, milk and cheese eater. An everything eater. That I would murder a fish fresh from the sea for my dinner, pries a shellfish from his home to slurp down my throat, pluck an egg hot from a chickens womb to crack into a sizzling pan etc etc. I haven’t gone as far as hunting down animals in the bush and slicing them up with my bare hands, I prefer my meat packaged up ready made from the grocery store but if worst come to worst I would most certainly chase and kill a pig for some sweet, sweet bacon to go with that goddam egg. Thus making me more adaptable in the wild where there ain’t no gluten free crackers and quinoa salads…

I don’t care if you are a precious little human with allergic this, rashey that, sore tummy here, don’t shit for days there. By all means make ethical choices, do what feels right for your body and be aware of certain harmful practices but dude, we aint here for long! Im going to eat thousands of sweaty meaty burgers, consume my body weight in cheese many times over, bathe myself in eggs and skull milk straight from the cows udder. Coz I don’t wana get to the end being all like “Yeah I was a dust eater for 80 years while 90% of the planet ate whatever they want. Fuck I wish I just ate hotdogs and meat pies”

Im Katie Jones, better living everyone.