tape-selfie-5-elite-dailyHEY GIRLS.

Its rullyrully cool that we all get to see what your lovely mug looks like without make up on in and around the internets to raise awareness for breast cancer and all that, but as far as 90% of these barefaced selfies I have seen flooding my newsfeed, MOST OF YOU MISSED THE POINT.

While you were trying to find the right filter so you feel better about showing off your fresh face to the world, hash tagging up a storm then nominating your girlfriends to do it too, you missed the actual point of the whole thing by MAKING A DONATION TO THE BREAST CANCER RESEARCH FOUNDATION.

Make your photo a place to start, then with it raise awareness AND donate.
Or, skip the face and go straight to the donate, like I did!
(if I squint my eyes hard enough donate looks like doughnut. I will doughnut too thanks)




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