Fitspo babes

Diet tipsHEY GUYS & GALS.

Looking for some #fitspo? Not feeling like you are in the best shape after all those summer beersies and BBQ’s? And we all love a #cheatday dont we!! Hehehe. Well, I’m here to help you with some #diet #tipsandtricks to get you back on track and feeling great!

I kicked off my day with 1x tube of Sour Cream & Chives Pringles chips. The tube is just that perfect long and slender shape that all us gals want to achieve, definitely my fitspo! Hehe. The chives give you your first serving of veges for the day in one whole tube! Perfect!
Then for a little snack in-between lunch (its important to eat 6 small meals a day to keep that metabolism active and healthy!) I enjoyed a palm sized serving of iced boysenberry fruit on a stick swirled in with frozen cream and covered in chocolate. Im a huge sweet tooth oops! Hehe. But that was my fruit intake for the day which is a bonus! Healthy snacks are delicious too!
Then for lunch I prepared a small bowl of delicious home cooked noodles in just under two minutes. So simple and easy! I threw in a couple of dried veges and super fine chicken powder, its a great meal to have on the run and you get that protein hit!
My second snack of the day to keep me going until dinner was a palm sized nutritional bar called a ‘Mars’ I like to freeze them which is so refreshing when living in a tropical climate.
If you are always prepared then you will never fail. Make a change now! Its not a just a choice, its a lifestyle! #loveyourbody #fitspo #workout #paleo #bikiniprep #gymlife #girlsthatlift #abs #training #girl #sexy #cute

The foreign Irish

irish-eyesStanding in the check-in line at the airport for an hour and a half, the man directly behind me had been talking on his cell phone very loudly the ENTIRE TIME. For the first 15mins I assumed he was speaking Arabic, then I thought it was some flavour of Eastern European until I started hearing more and more ‘shite’ ‘bastard’ ‘bollocks’ ‘Ohhh no no no fuck no you don’t want that at all’ peppered amongst some form of Cling On mixed with Dothraki and the dialect of a Russian child trying to speak Chinese. I turned to a few of my fellow travelers with a perplexed look on my face during the swearing like a pirate moments because there were several children and old people around. The guy in front turned around and said to me “The Irish. One of life’s greatest mysteries”