What is sleep?

As an adult human being right now, I have truly, totally and utterly forgotten how to sleep.
No amount of counting, reading, mind clearing and/or drugging can send me off, apart from occasional large amounts of alcohol which seems to do the trick.
It has always been my weakest ability but now I have entered into another realm of sleeplessness where actual sleeping pills can’t even send me into a proper long and deep slumber where dreams and cool shit happens, rather barely a slumber at all.
I fear my brain will fall out in the shower and my fingers will turn into intangible floating particles so I can’t even pick up a piece of peanut butter toast or touch a cat.
Life will then be over as I know it.
How does one sleep?


One thought on “What is sleep?

  1. Hey Katie how wonderful to see your bog up and running again. Your writing is like a word wand that hits you over the head a bit but leaves you with a kind of delightful magic. But for fucks sake look after yourself and get some kip! Im a terrible sleeper which gets worst when in shoot mode. The more you worry the worst it gets. Cheery juice does work but it tastes like worm medicine and you need to start taking it in advance. xxMuz


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