I’m guna punch you guy

Hey, how’s that cookie, guy? Is it delicious? Is that the best cookie you have ever had in your whole god damn life guy? Coz I can hear it. I can hear every single bit of it. And it loudly sounds like you are literally eating Jesus’s ass if that’s what you consider your slice of heaven. And that coffee, how’s that hmm? Do you live on a deserted island so every drop counts? Like reeeeeally reeeeeally counts. And you slurp it so it circulates in your mouth to give you it’s full hydrating potential out of every mouthful. Every. Single. One. Coz if you don’t make offerings to the slurping gods you will die on the deserted island on which you live, with that cookie, and that moustache with all kinda shit stuck in it and that business suit that makes you look like a balloon animal. But mainly just that sweet sweet cookie and that coffee clearly made with milk pulled straight from gods teats.


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