I’m just over here like…..

undiesNow that I’m 30 years old, 80% of my news feed is my friends getting engaged and married, having babies and buying houses…. I just spent 10 minutes talking to a shoe cobbler who was holding my boot that needed repairs praying that he wouldn’t see the stray pair of undies stuffed inside them. Low and behold he tipped the boot to look at the sole and said undies came tumbling out onto the floor.
We both stared at them in silence.
I’m thinking… “do I pick them up and acknowledge it or do I pick them up and pretend like it never happened?” He’s thinking… “is that what I think it is?”
I went for the grab, chuckle and carry on the conversation method and exited knowing that I will still be doing this at 40 while everyone else continues to adult better than I can.


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