Serious note for once… 

Do you ever have those days where you clap your hands and smash the steering wheel whilst driving shouting “WOO HOO” at the top of your lungs thanking your lucky stars for literally everything in your life right now?

Thankful for that loser you dated for waaaaay too long who did you a massive favour by being, well, a total loser, and in turn making me the happiest girl in the world after breaking up (I think he’s still subscribed to my blog actually…. Hey Josh!) thankful for making a random trip for a few days to another country and end up staying indefinitely to live, for being able to continue working in an industry that I adore and am extremely passionate about, for being able to meet new, inspiring and super fun beautiful people every day through my job, to have the greatest pals in my life far and wide and to finally realize that being me is pretty damn cool. So thank you, my stars, for all the shitty and awesome things!

Last year a friend asked me what success is…. I couldn’t answer on the spot so I wrote the following and sent it to him. I don’t know if he remembers but it was also a very good lesson for me too because as I was writing it, I never actually had to think about it. It just flowed out of me like I already knew exactly what I was going to say…. it was in me already, my measure of success and I still subconsciously use it, maybe you can too.

Have a little read and remember these are my own words and my own opinions….


Success can be anything from the outside; people will always view it differently to the next person… 

One could think, wow that lady is happily married to an amazing man with 4 beautiful kids – she is successful. The next person doesn’t think that is success at all, they look at the dude driving a Maserati wearing an expensive suit and think that is success. 

You may look successful on the outside to some people, but within your world you have to find your confidence to push yourself further, you are learning all the time and constantly want to be better, despite personal doubts along the way – that is a successful way of thinking in my eyes. 

But the way we view our own success is most important because you will never achieve ‘success’ if you constantly strive to make others think you are successful – that is intangible. 

When you feel unsure, or lack confidence do a little pinch on your arm and take stock of where you are. Take a minute to soak it in, recognize how far you have come and acknowledge what you are currently doing, weather it is within your personal life or career, whatever aspect you feel you need to evaluate. How does it weigh up on your personal success scale? Does it register near where you would like to be or is there plenty of room to move in certain areas? 

Remember – your success is not up to anyone else. Others can view it, judge it and use it for their own encouragement and inspiration but you are the only one who can truly measure it… 

Probably the wisest words I have ever written!!! Also, I compiled 90% of this post when I was drunk! I’m impressed.

That’s all for today kids, I’ll get back to my normal Katie Jones behaviour now and write about it when I can.

Love to you from me!