Rough and ready….  apparently 

Uber driver changes the music from generic pop to gangsta rap: “do you like this music? I change it because you don’t look like princess” 

Me: “It’s fine, I don’t care”

Uber driver: “This kind of music has a lot of dirty words, I’m not sure to be sorry or not” 

Me: “Uhhhh, I’m not sure what to say” 

Uber driver: “Just listen ok” 

Me: “………. ok?”

Outta control self control 

Me – 10.17am: “yeah I’m going to save more money while on this job, I’m so busy I won’t be spending it ya know”

Me – 5.12pm: *spends £230 on exercise leggings online*

Me – 9.34am: “I’m going to try eat really well and get in shape on this job”

Me – 4.15pm: *sausage roll in one hand, chocolate brownie in the other*
LIFE OH LIFE, do do do do

Nice to hair from you… 

First day back at Crossfit for the year, hellos, hugs and high fives all round with me Crossie pals, got through the whole session which involved a fair amount of arms in the air holding heavy things and swinging things about. Stretches after, also wth arms in the air then more high fives. Got home, took my pony tail out whilst looking in the mirror and saw two very large balls of grey and black alpaca fuzz stuck in my armpits from the jumper that I was wearing for the day. No one had said a word at the gym and this situation was hard to miss. 

Brilliant start Katie Jones.