I do my best work with my eyes closed… 

I always go to bed at a very sensible time every night, play on my phone for a bit then turn in for some for some sleeps. And nearly every single night when I am juuuuust drifting off, I have an idea of something to write about pop into my head or I get some ridiculous flash back memory from my childhood, of which I remember virtually nothing about every waking moment of my life otherwise, only when I'm half asleep. And if I don't write this shit down it completely disappears back into the abyss forever. 
I'm choosing to write down tonight's flashback because it was definitely a glimpse into my future even then… 
Picture fat, blonde 6 year old me, I had an overweight, black guinea pig called Shadow, I had jammed Barbie shoes on his tiny feet, put a flouncy scrunchie around his neck (it didn't choke him don't worry) and put a skirt around his middle that I had stripped off a teddy bear. Slotted him into an adjustable length plastic roller skate filled with clovers (his favourite food) so he would just feed his fat face and stay in the skate while I pushed him up and down the drive way. I was wearing just a pair of undies and a jumper with a picture on the front of penguins in Antarctica and "there's no business like snow business" written across the front. It was my favourite jumper. I still wouldn't see actual snow for a few decades to come. 
The end.


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