Rush Hour Crush 

To the very attractive dude on the tube this morning,
We both got on in Brixton about 1030, you sat opposite me and we checked each other out many times but every time you looked at me I went bright red and looked at the floor. I couldn’t even crack a smile my heart was racing. You were wearing a striped singlet, an actual nice pair of track pants, tan suede Nike high-tops and carrying a hoodie. We both changed at Piccadilly and very coincidentally were both going eastbound. As we stood awkwardly on the platform, exchanging glances I was too much of a sad loser to just say hello so I hid behind a group of Asian tourists, as we got on the train in different carriages, I got off at Piccadilly Circus and looked back to see you already looking at me.
I will forever be looking for you in the streets dude on the tube, and I hope we awkwardly share a platform together again one day… 
Red faced loser from Brixton 
#rushhourcrush #metronewspaper #spreadthelove #tubecrush


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