Oh my goodness gracious me LIFE HACK

Guys! Guys! Ok so it’s not a life hack at all, I just had to reel you in somehow.

Now, don’t judge me but I am a little bit drunk whilst I write this. BUT, I was just emailing the cleaning company that I use to clean my house because I’m a lazy bitch an cannot be arsed cleaning soap scum off the shower door myself, just letting them know that my cleaner needs to up her game coz quite frankly, she sucks and I ain’t paying for a no clean, cleaner.

ANYWAY. I typed in their email address but the first letter of it was in capital letters – automatic keyboard set up when you start writing anything in digital format obvs. I pressed send and off it went, then I realized! Shit, the first letter was a capital i better put it in lowercase and then it will send.

They emailed back and the chain of emails was there and I saw I had sent the email twice.


Moral of the story is – email addresses aren’t case sensitive.

I realize that you probably all know this already and I’m just slow.

Ok, Bye.


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