But will she learn her lesson?

I have this habit, actually I don’t even know if it’s a habit it’s just something I do, so I have this thing of sitting on the very edge of stuff, like chairs, benches and toilet seats, I never sit my full arse on anything unless I’m on a sofa. Perhaps it’s because I have a tiny butt and it does not meet the full requirements of possessing a built in cushion. Mine is more like you bought half a home-kill beast off some guy on a farm and tried to cut your own steaks from it, so perching for me is just fine.

I’ve been teetering on the edge of things my whole life with no worries at all, apart from maybe accidentally weeing on the floor a couple times from not sitting far enough back onto the toilet seat and my stream went through the little gap between the bowl and the lid (yes I cleaned up after myself) but other than that, no trouble has come of it until just the other day.

So I’m sitting at a restaurant having a bite for dinner alone because yes I am a loser but because I was hungry and naturally I was sitting on the very edge of my chair, causing it to stick out a little. As I was drinking my beer, a waitress came past and swiftly clipped my chair and in one less than graceful fell swoop the chair slipped out from underneath me, I threw my beer into my face and landed on my 1 minute steak butt hard onto the tiled floor.

The restaurant was packed, I was v embarrassed and that’s the end of my story.

Ok thanks bye.


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