I don’t want to put in the work for the reward 

I see so many running clubs/groups when I’m driving home from work at night that have ended their jog with a beer all together at a pub and all I want to do is get into my exercise gear, slap my cheeks red, pour a glass of water over myself, and ‘catch up’, panting, pretending I’ve just done the run with them, get myself a beer at the bar and hang out with all my new mates.

Today I…..

Bought a new car. 

Sat at several sets of lights in said new car next to Richard Branson who had a woman in his passenger seat dressed like princess Fiona from Srek.

Got drunk in the day time. 

Sprayed sparkling water over every surface of a taxi. 

Got yelled at by the taxi driver. 

Said Selamat Hari Raya to him. 

He yelled at me again (he’s not Muslim) 

Went home. 

Did some sleeps. 

The end.

Which Nespresso are you? 

Anyone else seen the Nespresso coffee pod menu and think it’s just miniature blurbs for dating apps?

“Exceptionally intense and syrupy”

“Powerful and contrasting”

“Sweet and light”

“Rich and full bodied”

“Powerful and spicy”

“Fruity and balanced”

“Floral and wild”

Which Nespresso are you?