Feeling thankful

cheeseheadThe inspirational quote lovers bang on about being grateful for the simple things in life that many take for granted, but does that mean that I can just be grateful for cheese and the amount I am able to consume with no rejection or aftermath, no intolerance or allergy, that I can just take several moments out of my week to thank cheese for being one of the greatest things in existence, and forget about all the other cliche things people are thankful for, like a roof over your head and running water. As much as I love a scolding hot shower and a fluffy bed, I know in my heart of hearts that if I, for any reason was unable to eat cheese I would struggle to find real depth and meaning to my life.

My ability to consume a vast amount of cheese and the euphoria that is gifted to me from it should not be underestimated, therefore I would like to take this moment to be sincerely thankful for my body and to cheese for allowing me to live out my cheese dreams as I see fit.

Thank you,

Love from Katie Jones


Always aim high kids 

As a modern woman, my personal goals change from year to year or sometimes even month to month, they can be as significant as aiming to cut down on my excessive daily chocolate intake or as little as getting a boyfriend to stick around. 

The last few weeks has seen me adjust a life goal to include being referred to by the media as a ‘tycoon’ or ‘mogul’ at some point in my life having never yet been in the media or a tycoon or mogul of anything. 

Hashtag International Woman’s Day 

Hashtag The International Jones