Katie Jones


I’m Katie Jones, but everyone calls me Katie Jones, including my Mum.

I am a New Zealander working in the film industry travelling the globe one job at a time, currently residing in London, spewing forth masterfully worded, semi retarded fuckwittery, useless thoughts and real life experiences of mine in a totally sporadic fashion that mean absolutely nothing to you. Grab someone else’s cat, make it sit on you while you steep a brew and read my rants. Or not…

Maybe you even want to follow my ramblings? Chuck in your email address and let the good times roll…..


Katie Jones




5 thoughts on “Katie Jones

  1. Do you have twitter? This is fucking amazing.mpost links to all your social media accounts so I can stalk you…


  2. Hey Katie! I totally stumbled on this blog by accident and I love it! It’s hilarious! Plz get in touch, I’m involved in starting a woman’s blog with some friends and we need more people like you! X

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